List of Do’s and Don’ts in Letter Spacing in Web Design

Letter spacing in Web Design

When designing a website, letter spacing is a common aspect that is often overlooked. This aspect has a significant impact on the readability and the overall look of the website. In this blog, we discuss the importance of letter spacing in web design and the do’s and don’ts for effective letter spacing.

What Is Letter-Spacing in Web Design?

Letter spacing or character spacing is an element of typography. It is the space between each letter. In web designing letter spacing is used to control the space between the heading, titles and body text. By adjusting the letter spacing, web designers create unique visual effects that can improve the overall look and feel of the website. One should try and aim for a balance between visual text and ease of readability.

Importance of Letter-Spacing in Web Design

Letter spacing is an integral part of web design as it significantly impacts the overall look and appearance of the website. The main role of letter spacing is to ensure the readability and legibility of the text. An excessive space between the letters makes it difficult to read and slows down the reading speed. While too little space between the letters can make it difficult to read and make the text unreadable. This is why a balanced letter spacing web design is needed. Aphonic Solutions is the best web design company in Rajkot. Our team of experienced web designers are skilled and has expertise in typography and fonts. We emphasize on balance between text and ease of readily to enhance text legibility and create visual interest.

Do’s of Letter-Spacing

Take into Account the Size of the Font: One of the basic rules of letter spacing is taking into consideration font size. The larger the font size, the more space needs to be left between letters. This will ensure the text is easily readable. 

Use Consistent Letter Spacing : It is crucial to use consistent letter spacing throughout the content to maintain visual balance and consistency of text. 

Use Letter Spacing to Emphasize Important Words: Letter spacing can be used to highlight important words and phrases. This can help draw the attention of the readers and create a visual hierarchy. 

Use Letter Spacing to Improve Readability: One of the main roles of letter spacing is web design to enhance the readability and legibility of the body by increasing the space between the letters. 

Choose the Right Font Size: Select the right font size with proper space to maintain readability and overall look. Make sure the font aligns with the letter spacing.

Don’ts of Letter Spacing

Avoid Inconsistency with Letter Spacing: Using inconsistent letter spacing can make the content look unprofessional and cluttered. This is why it is crucial to maintain consistent letter spacing. Adjust the letter space according to the need of the text to optimize readability. 

Avoid Using Letter Spacing All Caps Text: It is important to consider the readability when showcasing the text to users. With letter spacing on all caps, text can make it difficult to read the text and unbalanced look. 

Avoid Using Negative Letter Spacing: At times negative letter spacing can create a compressed look on the text. It can further make the text difficult to read and negatively impact the letterforms. 

Avoid Over-using Letter Spacing on Length Text: In the case of lengthy texts like blogs, it is crucial to use letter space properly. Overusing it can lead to reading fatigue and make it difficult to read.


Follow these letter spacing tips and avoid these mistakes for effective letter spacing and enhance the readability of your text. Aphonic Solutions is the best web development in Rajkot. Our team of web designers create a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and read for increased leads and sales. With a keen eye for typography and other elements of web design, we create a polished and professional website for your business. To discuss your requirements, call us today.

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